Lovekyn Chantry Lodge

Charity is a crucial part of Masonic life. There are an number of Masonic charities, and many substantial donations are given to non-Masonic causes. For example, the Freemasons’ Grand Charity has been very quick to provide donations following the Haiti Earthquake, the Pakistan Floods, and the New Zealand Earthquake. More information about the work of the Grand Charity can be found on their website here.

On a more local level, The Masonic Province of Surrey has made a number of donations in 2010 on behalf of member Lodges. These total more than £100,000, all collected from Surrey Lodges and their members. Among these were £11,000 to the Army Benevolent Fund, £8,800 to Help for Heroes, £7,400 to Tadworth Children’s Trust, £19,500 to the Headley Court Welfare Fund, £15,000 to Cardiac Risk in the Young, and £10,000 to Phab. More details of the Province’s charity donations can be found on their website, here.

In addition, each year the Master of the Lodge selects his own charity for a proportion of the funds raised during the year. The Master for 2009-2010, W Bro Chris Eley, chose the Surrey Air Ambulance and Help for Heroes, while the current Master, W Bro Ian Amy, selected St Dunstan’s and Combat Stress. The Lodge is also donating £2,000 to the School, which will be presented to the Head, Sarah Fletcher, following our October meeting.

Alms collecting box in the form of the ChapelThere is an alms collection at every Lodge meeting, and for many years the collecting box used by Lovekyn Chantry Lodge was a model of the Chapel made by two of the Founder Members, Archie and David Hatten, shown on the right. The Lodge Scrip PurseIt still stands on the Secretary’s table at all our Lodge meetings, but is no longer used for the original purpose. Instead we use a scrip purse, awarded in recognition of the Lodge’s contribution to the 2008 Charity Festival, in aid of the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys.

The Lodge’s charity work